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CPR Is A New Resource for Physicians and Counsel In Dealing With

Regulatory Administrative Legal Matters

Welcome to CPR - The Center for Physician Rights

C P R – The Center for Physician Rights is a highly focused non-profit organization dedicated specifically to helping physicians who believe they have been wrongfully subjected to an unfair medical board disciplinary process, physician health program (PHP) fitness-for-duty evaluation or peer review process, and have been deprived of due process or other protected legal rights. 


Having studied these issues for more than five years, we noted that with each published article and commentary we wrote, with each blog post and webinar we did, affected physicians sought us out to share their plight and ask for our guidance. 


It is clear that C P R – The Center for Physician Rights is desperately needed, an organization well versed in the issues explicitly dedicated to challenging this administrative-legal abuse and to providing support, guidance and advocacy for the physician.


C P R provides support and guidance to physicians who are preparing to respond or are in the process of legally challenging an administrative assessment process that they believe is biased or inappropriate. 


CPR is poised to become the central organization aggressively pursuing necessary changes in the administrative legal arena to ensure fairness, prevent abuse of power and promote ethical and compassionate treatment.


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